Moving Procedures

When moving in or out of The LaSalle Private Residences, contact the management office at (312) 649-5644 or [email protected] to schedule elevator time.   The elevators can be reserved Monday-Saturday from 8:00-12:30 or 12:30-5:00.  There is a $250 move fee as well as a $300 refundable deposit.  The fees should be submitted in two separate checks because the $300 deposit check will be refunded if the move does not cause damage.

All unit owners who rent their units must also pay a $250 lease admin fee when tenant moves in.

If you are selling your condominium, the buyer will request the Association's documents such as minutes, declaration and by-laws, as well as Rules and Regulations. Additionally, the buyer may request a 22.1 condominium disclosure. Finally, for your closing the title company will need a paid assessment letter.  All of  these documents can be obtained by visiting

To sign up for or turn off your TV and internet service, contact Comcast at (800) 934-6489 or visit any of the Xfinity Store locations.  The closest Comcast location to LaSalle Private Residences is located at 901 West Weed Street. 

Finally, don't forget to stop or start your electric service with ComEd.


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