Moving Procedures

When moving in or out of The LaSalle Private Residences, contact the management office at (312) 649-5644 or [email protected] to schedule elevator time.   The elevators can be reserved Monday-Saturday from 8:00-12:30 or 12:30-5:00.  There is a $250 move fee as well as a $300 refundable deposit.  The fees should be submitted in two separate checks because the $300 deposit check will be refunded if the move does not cause damage. All unit owners who rent their units must also pay a $250 lease admin fee when tenant moves in.

If you are selling your condominium, the buyer will request the Association's documents such as minutes, declaration and by-laws, as well as Rules and Regulations. Additionally, the buyer may request a 22.1 condominium disclosure. Finally, for your closing the title company will need a paid assessment letter.  All of  these documents can be obtained by visiting

To sign up for or turn off your TV and internet service, contact Comcast at (800) 934-6489 or email the representative, Emily Zaharopoulos([email protected]).

Finally, don't forget to stop or start your electric service with ComEd.


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